Up until recent I had had a really unreliable phone that always died after about an hour of use, therefore I was forced to disconnect on a daily basis. The biggest thing I noticed when I didn’t have my phone is that you never see anyone’s eyes. Everyone is either walking around with there eyes glued to a screen or looking down at the ground, not paying attention to the world around them. It’s pretty sad to think that this media storm has come about only in the last decade, and that now it is all that we know. I personally don’t like how connected we are, I understand the importance and convenience factor of using phones and tablets and other mediums of communication but I hate nothing more than when you are hanging out with someone who is more connected to the newest buzzfeed story than to you. I have a rule with my boyfriend and some of my close friends that we do not use our phones when we are together, we just put them away and enjoy each others company. This allows us to interact without any distractions or disconnection from there here and now, and I really enjoy it. Overall I think we as a nation need to learn some moderation in our life styles, we tend to launch ourselves into all or nothing categories when that doesn’t need to be the case. Phones, internet and media have a place in our lives and there is no denying a lot of good comes of it, but it shouldn’t be our lives in my humble opinion.





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