My Daily Diet Analysis Comparison to Cardiac Diet

In looking at my daily diet and analyzing my consumption of fats, proteins and carbs I have been able to conclude that on a normal day (not including days I go out for unplanned dinners, drinks etc) I am able to comply with the heart healthy diet prescribed to many cardiac patients. Because I already have an app installed on my phone that not only tracks how much protein, fat and carbs I consume, but also breaks down each item I consume to give me a detailed list of nutrients I was able to look at my monthly intake and found that only on 4 days in the last month would I have been out of compliance with the heart healthy diet. Because I cook most of my own meals and do not eat out often I have no problem staying within the 2300 mg limit for salt intake suggested by this diet plan. Also, because I do not eat meat or dairy my fat consumption on most days was within the suggested parameters. According to Mayo Clinic people on the heart healthy diet are to eat no more than 7-10% saturated fats per day, and suggest ensuring fats that are consumed be high in monounsaturated/polyunsaturated fats. In analyzing my diet I found that most of the fat I take in is from avocado and peanut butter (good fats) and that my largest source of bad fat comes from eating chocolate 🙂

Given that my diet is already very restricted due to my allergies and food preferences, coupled with my intense interest in nutrition I feel that I would easily be able to make the dietary changes required to comply with a heart healthy diet. I do however, also see the challenges patients face while trying to make this transition, especially in individuals who eat out a lot, or who are not as familiar and conscientious about what they eat day to day.

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