Hemolung Respiratory Assist System

The Hemolung Respiratory Assist System is a new technology in the respiratory field, and is solving some of the long standing issues associated with mechanical ventilation and ECMO in critically ill patients. The technology behind this device is similar to how a dialysis machine functions, and it is used to provide extracorporeal CO2 removal in a minimally invasive way. The way this machine works is similar to ECMO, however, the rate of blood flow and the catheter used in this device are both smaller and it runs on a single circuit. Unlike traditional ECMO this device produces effective CO2 removal through active mixing of gases, meaning that a smaller surface area of membrane and blood flow are required to remove the CO2 from the body. Furthermore, fibers in the machine allow oxygen gas to be drawn through the machine via a pump that facilitates CO2 exchange and oxygen diffusion into the blood. Also unlike the traditional ECMO the Hemolung is the first device to be created specifically for CO2 removal, and it allows for patient ambulation!

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