Talking to the public: What does cardiopulmonary arrest, MI and CPR mean to you?

In reflecting on my conversation with one of my best friends I was surprised to find that she knew about the questions I posed concerning heart attacks. In response to cardiopulmonary arrest she quickly explained to me what the cardio and arrest part meant, however, she was not able to link to back to the pulmonary component of the question. It was interesting to me how someone who I consider to be very well read and intelligent could not know something that we as health care professionals think of as second nature. Moreover, she was able to explain CPR and what an MI was to me with relative ease. When I asked her where she learned that information she laughed and said I explained it to her back when I stared nursing school. We discussed how she felt her knowledge stacked up to the knowledge other people in the general public had concerning CPR and cardiac arrests and she made the good point that unless you seek out the information, these topics are not generally talked about in school, jobs etc. Overall, I think this conversation was enriching for both of us and we came to the conclusion that people should be required to take an CPR/AED class when they get their drivers licences to improve common knowledge and MI survival rates. 


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